Saturday, October 15, 2011

Road trip?

Ladies - sadly, the Hayloft is closing....that means one thing - Road Trip. I'm going to head up next Saturday - and anyone who would like to join me is most welcome! A stop at the Windmill is on the agenda as well.....who has Maureen for pollyanna....just kidding! And have you noticed the trip's at 20! Yay...can you let me know by comment if you are coming to Lancaster? I've already heard from Pam and, unfortunately, she won't be able to come. Through emails we can figure out who is bringing what as it gets closer. Can't wait to hear from the jet-setters about their trips. And, frankly, I'm just looking forward to relaxing and laughing and not watching volleyball and doing laundry!!!! How is Kieran doing? This morning, I finished the binding on the second of two baby quilts I'm making for someone I can start getting my projects together for Lancaster....anyone start their pollyanna gift yet? Have a nice weekend.....enjoy this nice fall weather....piece.


Cathy said...

Definately in for Lancaster. Would love to go to Hayloft..have to check schedule. Thanks.

Consuelo said...

I'm in. Won't be able to make Hayloft though. Will be in Boston for one of Chris' races. Have a moment of silence for me Mamas. See ya soon!

Lori said...

Jean...I am in for Lancaster. Just want to check the soccer schedule for next Sat.
Pam..I am sorry we won't see you for our Lancaster trip!
Hope everyone else is doing ok.