Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring fling and peep weekend.... was another fun weekend.....lots of sewing, laughs, baby moments and shopping! Here is our guest of honor:

Kieran is the most pleasant baby! He laughed the entire weekend....especially when Dolores was around.  Went shopping on the way up and the Kling house for lunch, as usual. It was a beautiful day! Mare came up a little later, after stopping at Hinkletown. Yes, her Bernina is finally fixed. They replaced the mother board and it worked like a champ! Yay!  Let's get to the show & tell...

Consuelo didn't have any sewing projects so she spent the weekend updating the chronicles, going back through our old blogs and emails - we are not only a talented group of quilters but we are very funny people!

Mare made this matching I-spy quilt for Kevin - so cute!

 Mare got this woodsy panel at Bitty Kinna's on Saturday - and had all the borders on by Saturday night - notice the bear paws marching all around the outside - very cool.

LA got these Berenstein bears fabrics at Sauders on the way up, I think. This quilt is adorable - and for her new nephew. She finished the entire thing, including machine sewing the binding down on Saturday night. Not bad while holding a six month old baby!

LA's niece, Olivia, needed a bag to cary her cloths and 'art projects' so LA made her this reversible bag - no pattern, just kind of winged it. So cute! Mare's head will not be in the bag on Easter when it is given....

Lori made these two pillow cases for a charity auction - play ball!

Lori made this adorable pinwheel top for a teacher at Sacred Heart who is expecting her the monkeys.

Lori started this sailboat lap quilt top for their shore place.

This is a quilt back that Dolores sewed together from her flannel scraps that were cut into little rectangles...yes, a back. The quilt will be reversible.

Dolores found this top, which was partly completed, when she was moving her sewing room. She finished putting it together.

Dolores finished up another beautiful string quilt top from 'scraps I had laying around' those borders.

I made two of these a couple of years ago - finished one of them and this one needed to be button-hole stitched - so I finished that and now can finally quilt it.

Last fall I bought a Dilly Dally jelly roll - and made this Moda Bake shop pattern with it. Think I still may add some borders.

We went to the Iron Horse for lunch - and it was terrific! We called Gerry from LA's new car and acted like a bunch of eight year olds. And there was plenty of peep shenanigans, starting with Consuelo ordering a bunny hop...

After taunting Dolores with the peep and Dolores warning that the peep was going down, Consuelo left him unguarded for a second. He was snatched up and beheaded by Dolores on her way to the bathroom. LA grabbed a rogue peep while D was in the loo and stowed him for later use. The ensuing uproar and laughter prompted the bartender to 'jaws walk' another peep out to Maureen. He and the headless one were safely secured in Conseulo's bag. Later that evening, an unsuspecting Dolores returned to her machine to find the rogue peep with pins in his eyes sitting on her machine throatplate - the image too disturbing to post here.  To wrap up the peep adventures....I have a message for Dolores...


Lori said...

Jean..Great recap as usual...I especially like the blue peep picture at the end!

Happy Easter Ladies!

Leigh Anne said...

Great weekend!! Loved the summary of key events!!! Thanks to all for all the laughs and help with Kieran! He loved being with his Quiltmama Aunts!