Monday, October 21, 2013

Celebrating our friend, Pam!

Another fun night at the Lamb, despite the fact, as was pointed out repeatedly, we were not in our regular room. Dolores was quite happy with the absence of the mirrors. And it was kind of nice not having that creepy picture looking at us! They changed the menu and there was no Shrimp Lejon - oy! Despite all this, we soldiered on. Cathy and Leigh Anne - you were missed. Our prodigal quilter returned!! Peggy came - so nice to see her. Thanks to Pam for coming to celebrate with us (and Scott for bringing her!). They had a whirlwind day that started in York, went through Lancaster and on to the the Lamb before returning to Lewes.

This is Pam trying to figure out who did which block....

The amazement of finding out that Maureen made the mermaid block in the center square - our own Paul Lynde! (That's for the oldies in the group!) It is fabulous!

The label is awesome! Thanks, LA.


Ladies - thanks for all the laughs. It was nice to catch up on everyone's news. It's nearly seven years since our first dinner at the Lamb to present the 'naked lady' quilt. That's just amazing. A lot has happened during those years and we're lucky to have had each other to share the ups and downs. Here's to many, many more. Although - if they don't get the Shrimp Lejon back, we may have to switch celebration venues....just sayin'.....peace.

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