Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday!

Oy! What a week....hope everyone survived ok - heat and humor intact! Talked with Lois last night - she did fine yesterday. She was feeling pretty good last night and while the eye wasn't fully clear yet from the dilation, some parts were looking pretty good. Well done, Lois. Glad to have that done, I'm sure!

I was talking with LA at basketball this week - we're thinking it might be prudent to schedule the Brookline sewing day in March - hopefully the weather will be more cooperative by then!

I would like to host tea on Sunday, February 23rd at 1:00 PM. Please put it on your calendars. Thanks....hoping for only a little snow this that too much to ask???!

Take care.....peace.

A little snow humor....

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Lori said...

Hi ladies! Hope everyone is well! What a crazy week is right! O'Hara was without power all week so my kids were only in school on Tuesday! The message on Friday morning came not only with the news they were off, but also with the news that next Fridays day off was going to be their first snow make up day! I think they have had 8 snow days so far.....crazy!
Jean I am a maybe on the 23rd...I will let you know.