Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Springtime in Lancaster....

Oh, lordy.....another adventure. We started from LA's at 8:30 - cold and cloudy - kind of miserable. But it was a beautiful day to us! First stop - Sauder's. The bargain of the weekend had to be the bag handles - the nylon was only $.50 a yard and the cotton was just $1.59 - unbelievable! We got to Intercourse and went right to lunch. The Kling House filled up after we got there. (luckily, they didn't run out of goat cheese balls). Then Zook's, Omar's and the Log Cabin Quilt shop - so nice! They really fixed it up. We said goodbye to Cathy here - sadness. She wanted to beat the traffic. Hit the Farmer's market for snacks and cider - 'It is quite refreshing!' Finally got to the house and set up the sweat shop. The sewing commenced. The Brookline Fire House dudes gave us a $250 gift card to the Lamb for doing the patches - how awesome is that?? We stopped for dinner/snacks and the bunny hops were concocted. 


Peggy - industrious as always!

Selfies in Lancaster...

Kelly's minion...keeping an 'eye' on things

The peep wars continued - Consuelo brought peep donuts from Dunkin' Donuts. The peeps were quickly headless and found their way into all kinds of places.

Making the place our own - Consuelo added a rotary cutter to the banner. She found it at the Log Cabin shop.

Saturday was another productive day. We nibbled - and found out the the Kling House has takeout....hello! 'Helga' picked up a huge order for late lunch/dinner. We listened to Chris rowing in Washington state - technology is amazing! Pot pies were bought as well as kettle corn and soup mixes. Saturday night led to more bunny  hops - additional vodka was procured when we discovered a liquor store down by the Wawa - woohoo! After a few, the tarot cards came out and Dolores answered some important life questions. Lots of laughs as usual....

Sunday morning came all too quickly. We got ready to go and show & tell began...

Peggy made this beautiful bag after a lesson from Lori

Burp cloths for a colleague

This is a beautiful t-shirt quilt - the recipient is going to Kent State - colors are blue and gold

Peggy made a few pillows from Sean's clothing that she worked on in the fall. They will go to members of his family.

Very cool....

Love the pockets

Dolores worked on this beautiful folded flower hanging - hoping she keeps it to hang in her sewing room - so, so pretty!

Joe's Mom had tons of fabric....which Dolores now has. She's working on lots of string quilts - to be able to give to each of the sons and daughters....such a great project.

A beautiful gift...

A t-shirt baby quilt that Joe Byrnes sold before even asking...oy! Turned out great!

Lori made a few bags - these are great fabrics.

Love those blue blossoms....

A cool pillow cover - it's quilted too.

Yes - the sailboat quilt top is finished - it's beautiful and huge. Actually, it may end up with more borders. So striking...

Lois made this adorable hanging for her stand - it's one of the Bunny Hill blocks of the month - great idea!

This is for her and George's bed - so beautiful. The picture doesn't do justice to the colors...so pretty!

LA quilted this hanging from the last trip...

She also quilted this to hang in her dining area on the rack - so summer-y!

A 'murse' for Kevin to carry his cards!

A cool bag for Sean to carry his drumsticks - awesome fabrics.

She quilted this beauty for Kieran

LA sewed some flags together for the firetrucks.

And fixed some curtains for the firehouse office.

It's official - Consuelo has come out of her box - and trampled it. Look at these colors!! And the blocks and cornerstones - just amazing!!

I made this baby quilt top before I came and layered it. Made two burp cloths to match.

This is a double slice layer cake quilt top - the layer cake was Springsville Summer - pretty easy to do with all the chain piecing. For one of my students...

Dolores generously gave me this top for one of my student quilts - i quilted it and got the binding on. Love the brights!

I'd put this Irish Chain top together during the week - quilted it and sewed the binding on and down by machine - it is finished! For one of my students....

A t-shirt quilt for the eight grade class from St. Patrick's in Malvern - for their silent auction. Layered, quilted it and got the binding on....whew!

Ladies - I'd say we outdid ourselves.....the creativity, colors and projects completed this weekend are just extraordinary! Well done.....and tons of laughs along the way. I'm sure I forgot some details....and will probably add things. For now......can't wait to do it all again. Peace......and gratitude!

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Piecefully Pam said...

Wow!!! BEAUTIFUL quilts, ladies!!! Mo, you make me misty eyed. : ) <3