Monday, November 10, 2014

Links, miscellaneous...

Oy, laugh muscles are worn out!! So much fun....thanks. I'll do the recap soon. I promised some links to tutorials, etc.

Here's the little fabric basket with the flower on the front:

Here's the fabric box that LA, Mare and Peggy made:

Here's the recipe for the potato appetizers:

** I brought fresh chives and never used them!! Found them on Saturday morning...oy!**

Check out the Fat Quarter Shop - sign up for the newsletter - great sales.

Mare - I'll email you the measurements for the charm square quilt that Lois and LA made - I have that in a doc on my home computer.

Have a fabulous Monday! Peace....


Cathy D. said...

Thanks Jean and a huge thank you for planning and executing our awesome weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the links, Jean.
Great weekend!