Monday, January 5, 2015

Quiltmama Christmas Celebration!

What a long-awaited and lovely evening. So many laughs....oy! Is was nice to catch up and see everyone. We missed Pam and Peggy. Pam sent along cute peace-sign mug rugs for everyone - thanks! A few Quiltmama details - please keep Sunday, February 22nd open for our Quiltmama Tea - and let me know if the weekend of March 27-29 is good for you for the spring getaway. I want to book the house before someone else grabs it. Thank, on to the show & tell:

Mare had Dolores - and labored for two years on her gifts!! Matching flannel pillow cases for her and Joe!

A cozy rag quilt in Dolores colors! There are even snowmen on there...

A beautiful table runner with Dolores' scraps. Both sides are lovely!

A Christmas peep?? She is thrilled....

A magnificently wrapped for Cathy - from Consuelo - note that the plaids match up!

A huge cutting board - much needed!

Cathy had Mare - and made her a stunning, blue-work snowman pillow. The fabrics are awesome - and the stitching - terrific!

LA had Lori - and she got a book of Seaside Quilts - lots of good ideas.


This beautiful boat quilt - the colors are just great - and it's the perfect size for all the tall folks in Lori's house!

Lori had Consuelo - this little snowman for her quilt rack is adorable!!

And a little red-work pillow - such a cute snow lady!

I had Lois....

A moose pillow - with a stocking for her and one for George!

A red & white yo-yo garland and a gift bag with chocolates - to share with George?

Lois had me - so I got the dreaded star back.....oy!

A small quilt for my rack....

It is just beautiful - with folded flowers - so pretty. Dolores taught her last year in Lancaster!

And a beautiful table runner - such neat colors with snowmen. Thanks, Lois!

Thanks to LA for hosting us again in her lovely home....and for all the wonderful food - and to everyone for the treats. We ate like queens - deservedly so! Another year come and gone - everyone has good times and bad times during the year but we have each to get us through - we're very lucky! Wishing you all peace, good health and happiness in 2015.

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Lori said...

Great recap Jean! Thanks for a great time Quiltmamas!