Monday, August 31, 2015

Sew and not swim....

Thanks to Consuelo for hosting today. It was wonderful to see everyone! I forgot the banner and took only a few pictures....oy! We had wonderful food, lots of laughs, as always - and put together a lot of squares, tops, batting and backs for charity quilts. Lois was working on her beautiful Alaska quilt. She also made all of us cute pot holders - thanks! Leigh Anne put together a lovely top. Mare made two adorable preemie, teeny-tiny quilts for her niece's newborn girls. Maureen laid out three different tops and they are terrific. Peggy stopped by to say hello. Truly a nice day...

Blogger is having issues and I can't post the few pictures I took...will try again later.

Good luck to Dolores today - hope you're feeling better soon. Happy last week (day) of summer to all the Quiltmama kids and grandkids! Peace.....a Quiltmama dinner is in order soon, ok? I'll put out some dates later this week.

Mare's little quilts

LA's quilt top

A finished charity quilt

The beautiful pot holder gift from Lois

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