Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things settling down?

Mamas.....how is everyone? Hope things have settled down for everyone after the holidays. The decorations are so nice but I must admit, I love when everything is put away and the house looks back to normal - and tidier. Doesn't stay that way for long but I enjoy it for a bit. There have been some neat pictures on lots of blogs. I didn't want to post this picture before George opened it on Christmas - but here is the quilt Lois made for him. Isn't it awesome!? I'm sure he treasures it. Nice work, Lois.

Hope y'all are keeping warm. I'm sorry I can't host this week. Here's today's advice from 'Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit' - Don't beat a hornet's nest with a short stick. Words to live by......hey - I'm thinking of dumping my website and just having a flickr page - I put a link under Non-sewing Sites of Interest - if you get a a chance, check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks.....piece.


Lori said...

Hey Jean--check out the blog knit one quilt two!! Talk soon.

quiltmamajb said...

I saw that - isn't it cool! Have to tell you - I've read the Whimsyland book cover to cover - it's terrific. Thanks!

Cathy said...

Jean - I love your flickr. You did a great job. Take care

Consuelo said...

Hey MamaJ...like the flickr. Can see sew many more quilts at one time! BTW hope you're feeling better now. REST...who knows when you'll get to do that again ;)

sewpam63 said...

Good job with flickr, Jean!!! ; )

Lois - the quilt you made for George is gorgeous! Was he surprised?! Did he like it?!

Keep warm, Mamas!

Dolores said...

Lois, I love the quilt, you did a great job. I'm sure George just loved it. Way to go girl. Jean, I hope you are feeling better. Let me know if you want me to take your machine down to Hayes. I can't get into the flickr at work, but I'll check it out at home.

Lori said...

Jean-glad you liked your book. Gotta love wishlists!!
Lois-George's quilt is great!! I heard he loved it!!
Peggy--glad to hear from you a few posts back!
Have a great day everyone.

lois said...

Hi ladies. Jean, I like your flicker site. I looked at it briefly. Our new computer has been a little sketchy-----maybe it's us. Hopefully, it's working right now.
George does like the memory quilt. We have it hanging.
Take care, everyone.