Monday, February 21, 2011

You speak to me in riddles and

you speak to me in rhymes...  Hmmm, while I don't understand the comments in much of the last post, I do get the gist that Mo HAS to go to the Hayloft on Wednesday...?!

I wanted to ask if there is a Bee scheduled this Wednesday, 'cause I'm off...!  : )

During the day, I am going to some thrift shops.  I don't know if anyone who is not going to Hayloft would like to join me, but consider yourself invited!  Just let me know?

Cathy - I think I may be interested in the green chair!  Lori - I owe you $ for the Sauder's items, don't let me forget!!!  Jean - thanks for the little Primrose.  : )  It is blooming and bright!  And, some little fairy angel left a FUN surprise in my door...  Thank you, thank you!!!
Piecefully, Pam


Jean Burke said...

What a cool shirt......wish I was off on Wednesday - now for many reasons. Have fun, girls....

Jean Burke said...

Forgot to add - I can't host this week - Kelly has a basketball game on Wednesday night.....oy!

Lori said...

Let me check the family schedule...I may be able to host...stay tuned.