Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!

TGIF!!! This seemed like a very long week for some reason. Had a nice visit with Pam and Lois on Wednesday night. Lois got home on Sunday from Ohio. Everything went well - it was nice for her to see her brothers and sisters and share some laughs and stories. Caught up with Pam's goings on as well.....she's working from home all the time now - which means every weekend at the beach!!! Very nice - life is good! Hope everyone else had a good week....Cath - hang in there with school - you too, Mare - it's almost over. Packing up the cars on Sunday, we came across a nice, white extension cord. Who's is it? Dolores has it....I'm going to try to figure out the picture upload this weekend and I'll post show&tell from the weekend. Take care, ladies......have a nice weekend.....piece.


sewpam63 said...

Hi Mamas! Does anyone, by chance, own one of the Eleanor Burns Flying Geese rulers? If, may I borrow it, please? I am looking for the small one, but am willing to give any a try. Does it come w/ instructions...?

Lori said...

Sorry I don't have it. Hope all is well with all the Mamas. Jean, sorry I didn't make it last week. I had a sick one at home.