Monday, April 11, 2011

What now?

Oy! The weekend has come and gone. How many yards of fabric, miles of thread, pounds of junk food and gales of laughter can 7 people fit into approximately 48 hours? The answer lies in Lancaster - and may never be fully known. Thanks girls for another memorable road trip. We started on a rainy Friday with stops at the Hayloft and Sauders before cruising into Intercourse. (Pause for the comments). Lunch at the Kitchen Kettle was delicious and warming. A couple more fabric stops and then we picked up the keys. We set up with the efficiency of a surgical team - amazing. Even little Donnie and Marie made the trip! Hilarious!!! Mare came around 3 - baby Kevin wasn't feeling well. A quick trip down to see Omar and the sewing continued unabated until we had Mare's delicious pizza for dinner. Saturday was a bit nicer - not raining - and featured a class taught by Lori. It was a bear/lion taggie - very cute - with two unruly students. Luckily, the cataracts were cleared up and three lovely bear/lions came to be. Unfortunately, Consuelo had to hit the road Saturday afternoon - something about a creek and a paddle?! No - really, it was a not-to-be-missed crew event....but Consuelo, we missed you at dinner. The Iron Horse was terrific - as always. We had a revelation - they are open for lunch. So we decided that next year, we will lunch at the Iron Horse - the early bird don'tcha know!!! All the better for our collective digestion as well as early pajama-wearing. Pam phoned from the beach during dinner. That was a nice surprise. Mrs. Iron Horse (I never remember her name) was asking for those who weren't there. Came home to show & will follow later in the week - as soon as I figure out how to load them onto the new Mac laptop. A lasting bit of advice from the weekend - 'Stitch in the ditch and call it a day'. Mare was gone by 7 on Sunday - Cathy and LA shortly after her and D, Lori and I rolled out by about much packed into those 48 hours - it boggles the mind. Lois - know that our thoughts were with you this weekend. We missed you and hope that all went well with your family. Pam - thanks for the call. We missed you too and hope to see you soon. In fact, I can host this Wednesday evening for those who can come. Pam has a rare Wednesday evening off so hopefully we can catch up. We talked about various things - including an upcoming dinner and we picked Pollyanna names. We have a challenge of sorts set up for pollyanna gifts this year - we can talk about it on Wednesday.

A special wish today for one of our favorites in the extended Quiltmama family....the 'Ricky Ricardo' to our Consuelo - Happy 50th to Bill!!!! Enjoy your 'man-cation'. I'm sure I forgot some stuff - please feel free to chime in with any ommisions. Have a lovely day, girls......piece.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mad cap recap, Jean!!! I don't know if anyone else will make it, but I will be there on Wednesday evening. ; ) Looking forward to it!!!

Lori said...

Great recap Jean. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow night! Thanks for hosting.