Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bee wrap-up

A nice bee last night, ladies. We missed those who weren't there! Catching up......Kerry has landed safely in Italy and has started classes. Having a wonderful time! Tim has moved out and is working as a Philadelphia happy for him. Chris moved in at Drexel last week and started classes on Monday - yes, he went! He's doing well. Lois is having a busy time - some family members visiting (you know what that's like sometimes) and she's heading west on October 12 to visit Kara and family. Yay! Fitz went back to work after Labor Day....still not feeling great but he's hanging in there. I had to go home last night and make Erin's birthday cake - she's 17 today. We had cake for breakfast! And she and Lindsay are both licensed drivers - congrats, girls!! Hope everyone else is well. Keeping Gerry's Dad and family in our prayers. Here's the show & tell:

Lori made this adorable Halloween hanging

I made this from a charm pack and some white fabric

This is the badge I am making for everyone who does the Heart Walk with me - our team is the Celtic Hearts

Think that's all the news. Consuelo has offered to host again next Tuesday. Will confirm as it gets closer. Have a nice week - enjoy this wonderful weather. Yesterday was three months until Christmas - working on those pollyanna gifts yet?? Piece.....

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