Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy March!

Good morning, ladies. Happy March - goodbye February! Spring is coming - yay! We had a nice bee chat on Thursday night. Dolores came bearing gifts - thanks so much! She and Joe and the kids and their 'others' left for Disneyworld at the crack of dawn yesterday...have fun! Cathy and Lori came also - as well as a surprise, quick visit from Consuelo. Cathy is working on beautiful blocks from a Round and  Round pattern from Camille Roskelly. Lori brought the quilts she made from her Dad's clothing for her Mom and her siblings. Cathy and Dolores helped with the quilting - they are terrific!!!

Love the patterns and colors. Nicely done, Lori  - and what a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Hope you all have a lovely weekend we turn the clocks ahead and three weeks from right now, we'll be sewing and looking forward to a nice lunch at the Iron is good! Peace....

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Maria said...

What beautiful memory quilts...very special!