Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nearly time for the Wearin' of the Green

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day......I've finished these two Irish projects.....

A double Irish chain quilt for the benefit. I quilted shamrocks in the middle of the white blocks - one is upside down......I left it. I think twas the leprechauns who did it!

A celtic cross for Wally - the maintenance guy at work. This is about 12 inches tall - not as hard as I thought. (the black background is the front of my oven!)



Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt Jean. Just got in very late last night, our flight was delayed a couple of hours. Had a great time. Is Consuelo going to Lancaster? It was hard to tell from the last post. Will see everyone on Saturday. Peace


Consuelo said...

Fantastic work as always MamaJ. Sorry I'm going to miss tomorrow night :-( I know it's going to be a great success. Have fun!