Friday, July 19, 2013


Ladies....a nice bee last night - in the extreme heat!! Cathy, Mare, Maureen and I chatted for a bit. We have a couple of upcoming events. The Swim (or not) and Sew will be at Consuelo's on Saturday, August 31st. Will let you know the time! Hope you can come. Also - the reservations have been made for Lancaster - November 15, 16 and 17th - mark your calendars. Some folks may stay until Monday - I'll check the availability. Let me know if you'd like to stay, ok? Cathy brought two beautiful quilts with her for show & tell....

This is a quilt for a friend of Kerry's - love the colors! It had a soft gray fleece on the back.

This was made from leftover strips from a quilt for Kerry - Cathy found a video on YouTube and look at the result - lovely!

Enjoy the weekend......hopefully relief from the heat is coming soon. Take care.....peace.

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