Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hundreds of laughs….and the longest post in history.....

Lordy, ladies...where to begin. We started at Cathy's - a caravan of three cars and didn't lose anybody! Peggy came - yay! Mare and Consuelo caught up with us at Sauder's. We stocked up - and then headed to Intercourse! Had another terrific lunch at the Kling House - multiple goat cheese balls were consumed and discussed - the decline in the level of conversation started here. Then more shopping and the Farmer's market - more food! There's an awesome coffee place across from Kitchen Kettle Village now - and a great furniture place too. The Best Western is all new - beautiful. We checked in and got to work. Consuelo claimed the basement...and we settled in. We got lots and lots done on Friday night. Peggy put together a special and heart-breaking memory quilt for a Mom who lost her 20 year old son, Sean. It was wonderful - and such a relief for Peggy to have the top completed. Up early on Saturday....back to work. Finally someone mentioned going to lunch around 10:30 - we had reservations at 1. Turns out a whole bunch of us wanted to skip the Iron Horse, grab something quick and keep working - so that's what we did. Hit the potpie place and Wawa. Cathy and Dolores taught Lori how to 'Wawa' - so it was a useful trip. More walking trips up to get supplies - that is so handy!! It was a beautiful day - as was Friday. Saturday evening all hell broke loose! Joe Byrnes texts Dolores that he had to pay a plumber that day. She writes back that maybe she shouldn't have bought that new machine - just to get his goat. Next thing you know, he texts that he's headed up to 'discuss it'. What?? Said he got the address from Gerry McCabe....Gerry?? Oy - Dolores is freaking out, I'm freaking out. LA volunteers to call Pacilio's. She 'calls' and they said he left for the evening. This goes on for a while - until they finally come clean and tell Dolores she's been punked! She was about to have heart failure. A little while later, the doorbell rings. No one will answer it...who the hell would be at the door besides a crazed Amish man looking to kill all of us. LA hides in the powder room, Cathy arms herself with a rotary cutter, someone calls out, 'Knock it off, Peggy'. She replies, 'I"m at my damned machine - it's not me'. Cathy yells to Marianne to close and lock the kitchen window - and she obeys. Is it the landscaping lady from this morning? Has she come back for blood payment??? Someone realizes that Lori is missing - LA is calling her name from the bathroom. Peggy said she saw eyes staring in the window. I think a few of us peed a little at this point. I was hiding in the kitchen so I didn't see who finally opened the door - and it was LORI!! She was laughing her ass off, hiding off to the side in the bushes. It was like a cardio workout, I swear. The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. We had show&tell the next morning before Peggy left...

I'd put this top together last spring. Layered it this time

A t-shirt quilt for an organ donor recipient

Coasters...well, just one.

Pillow cases

A kindle cover for Kelly

Four burp cloths

A second Fletcher quilt

Maureen's picture quilt for her nephew and his new bride - lovely beachy colors

Cathy made this for Fiona out of her t-shirts and little kid clothes. So cute - and a relief

Cue the Lone Ranger theme...Dolores and LA did a jelly roll race - look how beautiful this turned out - Soho fabric

Four nieces and four string quilts in their favorite colors - Dolores is an awesome aunt. This is the yellow one.

The pink one...

The orange striking!

Lori made a Santa hanging...

and a turkey. So cute!

She worked on John's sailboat quilt blocks...

Lots of star blocks

LA - tons of things. We video chatted with her boys and Sean texted that Kevin wanted a turkey pillowcase - so she made two!

A market bag for a teacher

Eleven....yes, 11 pillow/book bags for her babysitting kids

Such a cute girl panel

LA's jelly roll race entry

A t-shirt quilt for Carmel from the 3-day team shirts

For a neighbor who was recently diagnosed

Another cute little girl quilt... was exhausting just typing all of that! Peggy left and then we basted four quilts for LA. She and I rolled next around 10:30. Dolores and Lori left later - and Mare, Cathy and Consuelo stayed an extra night at the Best Western. Have to hear details at the next bee. LA and I talked about a sewing/teaching day maybe in January. Stay much fun, girls. Another successful weekend filled with food, fun, estrogen and goat cheese balls. Can't wait till next time....peace.


Lori said...

Wow Jean! That WAS a long post but a great recap as usual. Thanks for a GREAT weekend girls!

Leigh Anne said...

I think I just laughed as hard as I did onSaturday night!

Peggy DiFrancesco said...

Thank you all of for a fantastic weekend. I had so much fun, the food, the laughter and most of all the love and support. I am so blessed to know such a wonderful group of ladies, you each have such unbelievable talent and were all an inspiration to me.

Now for my recap: First I had to deal with the shock that Sally the machine was still in my car, I keep thinking she would look for a better owner so she could do her magic, but she is stuck with me. Then the quilt, I can't thank you all for your creative input, I was scared to death to begin cutting Sean's clothes, but with you patience and kindness I was able, along with Sally's help, to produce a memory that Kate will love and cherish. I thank you all from bottom and top of my heart. Then I had to handle being blamed for the ringing of the bell. To tell you the truth I am shocked it was not me. If I wasn't bonding with Sally I would have believed it was me, good job Lori, you even had me fooled. I thank you all for not throwing me off the island after my long absence. You are all the true definition of friendship. I have even started to re-organize my sewing room and I am ready to take up this craft again. I can't wait for the next get away, I am ready when you all are. Thank you for everything, especially your friendship.