Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday bee.....

Brrrr……what the heck? It was a really chilly evening. Cathy and Lois braved the cold to come to bee. We had a nice chat and catch-up. And some beautiful show&tell.

Cathy had started cutting this when we were threatened by the would-be home invader in Lancaster. Here it is finished. I love the border around the outside. This was made with a beautiful Christmas jelly roll.

She finished her flannel snowman quilt too - we were trying to figure out how old these kits were....I think LA had two kids when we got them!!

She had finished this in Lancaster for her Mom - I didn't get a picture of it. I just love it - the pencils are awesome!

She made this one on Sunday night - watching a Hallmark movie with Consuelo.

This is just beautiful. Lois made this as a wedding gift for Sean and Lacey. Her first attempt at overall machine quilting - it looks great. She actually did it in two halves and sewed them together after quilting them. They're going to love it!

I made these little hoops for my students - I have 7 girls and made them each their initial.

Lois has some special company coming for Thanksgiving. Sean and Lacey are coming on Wednesday night. And Kara is flying in on Friday night for her high school reunion. She'll be here till Tuesday. So nice for Lois - and this is the first time Kara will meet Lacey. On the way back from Lancaster, LA and I talked about having an instruction/sewing day. Maybe teach one or two techniques - you can learn or just come and sew. I know some folks want to learn Dolores' methods for making her beautiful string quilts. LA has talked to the firehouse folks about us maybe using the upstairs room for the day. Will keep you posted on some possible dates.

Right after Cathy and Lois left, Pam called hoping to catch some bee girls. She's doing very well. On Saturday, I'd received a box in the mail - full of shells, sea glass and other gifts from the ocean as well as a beautiful thank you note from Pam for the mamas. You are welcome to take some treasures - I'll bring them the next time we get together. She is leaving for Disney the Monday after Thanksgiving. She extended a generous invitation to the mamas - whoever wants to is welcome to hop down to Lewes on Thanksgiving - or anytime until they leave for Mama Barb's on Sunday. Consider yourselves invited!

Wishing all the mamas and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! When I count my blessings, the mamas are way up there on the list. Thank you, ladies. Peace....

Couldn't resist this gem.....Darth Tater!!!! Hahaha....

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