Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Manic Monday?

Not is actually really nice out there today. After the heavens opening and giving us all the rain in one week that had been saved up all's finally sunny. Hope everyone survived all the storms with little damage. Pam - how did you make out at the beach? The biggest adventure I had was attending LA's demonstration in the dark! A big question, of course, is how is Gracie doing? Back home and working well? And how is the visit going for the Italians? I guess they haven't used the pool too much?! I believe Mare and the world travelers get back tomorrow. Can't wait to hear details about the trip. I guess the packing for school has begun....good luck to Kerry, Billy and Jimmy as they head into another year. Lois - how is the visit with the grandkids? I know they're headed back soon....give them some hugs from us. I ran into Maureen Hoffman in Joann's on Saturday - she's just as feisty as that woman. Enjoy this lovely day......I go back to work on Wednesday - so the girls and I are heading down to Cape May for the day tomorrow - get that last walk on the beach, last box of fudge and maybe a sweatshirt for the winter!!! Take care ladies.....piece.

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