Sunday, August 7, 2011

Un-pleasant Valley Sunday

That was for you, Consuelo.....welcome back to this humidity. And welcome back to all the Quiltmama travelers....hope you all had a nice, relaxing vacation. It was a nice weather week here - hope it was where you were too. Is the wash done? Getting back in the Havertown routine? How about the's everything? Anyone sewing? La - good news on your sister. Hope she's feeling ok....and how are you holding up in the heat? I have another container of fabric - I'm happy to host on Wednesday for those who can stop over. Did you notice the ticker on the right? The countdown is on to the first weekend in November...the Evergreen Home reservations have been made.....yay!!! Stay cool today and have a water ice....piece.

PS - ¡Buen viaje! to Mare and Chris Henderson as they leave for Spain on Tuesday with the youth group. Give the pope a fist bump from the 'Mamas! Have fun.....

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