Monday, May 27, 2013

#1 of the second thousand!!

Here we go with our first post of the next thousand! Oy! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Here are the answers to the quiz:

1. Name of the house we stayed in on 772 - just past Gap. 
Gap in the Hills House

2. What retailer did Dolores reprimand when she uttered the line, 'This is a sewing store, right?'

3. Which of Leigh Anne's kids was a baby when she started quilting?


4. Name one of the phrases on Peggy's quilt.

Fuzzy Cut, Bondage, Ike's, Dingleberries, Quiltmamas, Damn, it's still there, Amish, Mormon, Mennonite

5. What does each of these quilting acronyms stand for:
a. HST - Half Square Triangle
b. WOF - Width of Fabric
c. UFO - Un-Finished Object
d. BOM - Block of Month
e. LQS - Local Quilt Shop
f. WAD - doesn't exist - but funniest answer gets 2 points! 

We're all dysfunctional
What a d$%*
Working and drinking
Wild ant dancing
What a disaster
What applique damnit

6. Consuelo's term for 'squaring up'


7. What was the theme of each of the quilts made for special birthdays for these ladies:
a. Peggy - naked ladies
b. Cathy - angels
c. Lori - houses
d. Mare - boat drinks
e. Jean - red hat ladies
f. Lois - farmer's market/garden

The grand prize winner by the slimmest of margins is Dolores! Congrats on having so much useless knowledge. Hopefully you'll retain it in the future when we're old and will need reminding!! 

Have a great week.....peace.


Lori said...

Great job Jean AND Dolores!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I have never won anything. I would like to thank the academy,and all the people who voted for me, and especially God. Oh ya, I had to answer questions. If I was you guys I would demand a recount I am not the sharpest pin in the quilt.


Consuelo said...

(Weak applause) Congrats Sparkeltini!(fake smile)What a great job! (insincere tone) I'm so happy for you!

Only kidding of course (totally not) :-)