Monday, May 6, 2013

Tea was exquisite!

We were seated in a lovely upstairs room! 

The table setting was just gorgeous! The china, the sugar cubes, cinnamon sticks - all the little bits. We felt like both little girls playing dress-up and sophisticated woman all at the same time. There were lovely purses, china cups, teapots, lamps, scarves, necklaces all around us....

And look at this plate....we were served this after we'd begun our first cups of Irish Breakfast pretty! Each morsel was just as tasty as is was beautiful.....

Finishing this plate, we began the white chocolate mousse tea - it was delightful - especially with a vanilla puff. We were thinking we were finished, when our desserts came. Oy - the elastic pants would have been helpful!

Such a splendid way to while away the afternoon. We did a bit of shopping - a couple of mamas came home with royal wedding tea. Maureen gave the owner some business advice and we sat for a few minutes in their beautiful back garden, soaking up the sun. Consuelo has decided to forgo the Lamb for her special birthday Quiltmama meal to go back to the Painted Teacup. Stay tuned!

Cathy has offered to host bee this Thursday - hope to see you there. Happy Monday!!!


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