Monday, May 20, 2013


This is post #999! How about that? Pam's first post was October 11, 2006.....and here it is 2013. For the 1000th post, I thought there should be a little giveaway. But no random number picking here. It's time to test your Quiltmama memory. The person with the highest score while answering the following questions will be the winner. You can email me your answers and I will tally the scores. The contest remains open until next Monday - our 1,000th post will contain the winner. That also gives me a week to get the prize together!! Good luck - Consuelo - please don't look things up for anyone in the Chronicles - even if money if offered!!

The Questions

1. Name of the house we stayed in on 772 - just past Gap. 

2. What retailer did Dolores reprimand when she uttered the line, 'This is a sewing store, right?'

3. Which of Leigh Anne's kids was a baby when she started quilting?

4. Name one of the phrases on Peggy's quilt.

5. What does each of these quilting acronyms stand for:
a. HST
b. WOF
c. UFO
d. BOM
e. LQS
f. WAD - doesn't exist - but funniest answer gets 2 points!

6. Consuelo's term for 'squaring up'

7. What was the theme of each of the quilts made for special birthdays for these ladies:
a. Peggy
b. Cathy
c. Lori
d. Mare
e. Jean
f. Lois

Happy Monday...peace

Couldn't resist this....


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Consuelo said...

Oooh I love a game!! No looking at the Chronicles....even me!! Can't wait to see the answers!