Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Morning Girls,

Maybe not such a gloomy-gus kinda day today...?! A girl can hope, right!? ; ) I have laundry in the washer, & yep!, you guessed it - it's going OUT on the line!!! : )

I want to pick some flowers too. I should also check the weed situation in the vegetable garden?! Lois, how are you doing with rabbits in your garden? I didn't tell Jingle, but this morning when I opened the kitchen curtain, a plump bunny was sitting right in the grass nibbling... Rascally Rabbit (said with that Elmer Fudd kind of lisp)!!!

I took last night off! NO actual sewing. I did some sewing things, but not the needle & thread kind of sewing. It felt a little bit nice taking a breather! Now though, this morning, I'm READY to work on Bunny Hill!!! So, without further ado...

Enjoy your day too! ; )
Piecefully, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Hey, girls....what's happening? Another dreary day - can't believe it. We're going to Buffett tonight and sitting under the stars (or clouds) - I'll break out the ponchos today! Erin's game got cancelled last night but I had to drop my car off to get inspected today and Burkie has his sail club meeting. Was there a bee? Anything new? I'm working on a Phillies quilt for my niece - she loves them. I'm also going to work on gathering/prepping my postcard applique blocks to take down the shore next Saturday. Remember - sewing day next Thursday - the 25th. Mare - how's Joanna's quilt coming? I pulled fabrics for the Bunny Hill block last night. What's everyone else working on? How in the heck is Consuelo? Haven't heard from you in ages! Well - the girls are I are going to bake today - take it easy....stay dry. Piece....

Lori said...

Hi girls...I can't believe this weather!!! Another dreary day is right!! I went grocery shopping last night because the kids and I are going down the shore today for the weekend. Maybe we'll get lucky and see the sun dodwn there!!
Jean-have fun at Buffett tonight.
I placed my order to Hancocks this week. Can't wait for the package.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully we'll see some summer weather!!